Comprehensive, updated and easy to access  information about mobility services and facilities - ranging from public transport departure times at stops, to available places at parking locations and online accessible travel planning services - are essential elements to enable travellers making rational and sustainable mobility choices.

To improve travellers' information  and support sustainable travel choices in Treviso, PERHT will implement and demonstrate easily accessible, pervasive ICT services delivering multi-modal travel information before and during the trip. The new services will include:

  • a web portal, providing static and dynamic mobility information as well as travel support services (e.g. multi-modal travel planning)
  • downloadable applications for mobile use on smartphones and tablet PCs,
  • information kiosks/screens at key locations such as public buildings, railway station, P+R facilities, etc.

This set of user information services will provide a fundamental tool to enhance citizens' and travellers' possibilities to access in a coordinated and integrated manner the different mobility services offered in Treviso, including:

  • public transport,
  • parking (location, state, routing),
  • bike-sharing and bike station services,
  • on-demand collective transport services (e.g. shared taxis)

The demonstration of the new multi-modal travel information services will help showing how updated and easily accessible information can be a fundamental tool to enhance the accessibility of sustainable transport services and facilitate the shift from cars to more environmentally-friendly  urban mobility behaviors.